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PLM Solution For Technical Sales Simplifies Quoting

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PLM Solution For Technical Sales Simplifies Quoting
PLM Solution For Technical Sales Simplifies Quoting

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Video: 3 Ways to Simplify Quoting in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales 2023, January

With the P´X5 Sales Solution, companies extend product lifecycle management to technical sales. 3D models and technical design knowledge are recorded in catalogs and rule collections, which enable easy configuration of customer-specific product variants. Sales can react quickly and independently of product development to customer needs and present them with 3D visualization.

With envelope geometries for the right system

The PLM-integrated software P'X5 from Perspectix takes over CAD data from components in the usual 3D visualization formats. For the configuration, the geometry data are reduced to envelope geometries in order to protect the intellectual property of the providers. In the configurator catalogs, the user will find all standardized components in technical sales, which he can interactively combine in a 3D space to create a customer-specific product. By using the geometry data in combination with a knowledge database, spatial and formal errors are avoided.

From the offer variant to the sales parts list

P'X5 converts the offer variants into sales parts lists and automatically calculates the offers with current price information from the ERP. The master and transaction data are compared bidirectionally via PDM interfaces and the various parts lists for the different departments are kept consistent based on rules.

All data are available uniformly

Sales and technology all product and project data are available on a uniform basis. With the intelligent interface to the PLM processes, sales employees can design valid product variants regardless of the design and product development and present them realistically in three-dimensional layout planning. Consistency reduces workload, eliminates errors and improves internal communication.

Quickly to the offer

With customer data and requirement profiles, installation sketches and technical specifications, the sales organization generates project proposals in a consistent digital environment. The path from the presentation to the adaptation to customer requirements to the submission of commercially correct offers is carried out quickly and without errors. All configurations are created in a lightweight data format that enables worldwide use in emails or Internet technologies. Mobile use on laptops or notebooks makes field visits and presentations easier.

Automatically create systems in CAD

Finally, configuration files are sent to the headquarters, which develop into complete 3D configurations in the Sales Solution P´X5. In addition, the models of the visualization retain their references to the original components of the construction. This means that the configuration can even automate the creation of a sold system in the CAD system later. Additional 3D documents such as assembly instructions and installation plans ensure error-free delivery and commissioning. (mz)

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