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Select Lubricant Using The App

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Select Lubricant Using The App
Select Lubricant Using The App

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OKS offers an app with which users can quickly and easily search the range of OKS specialty lubricants and chemotechnical maintenance products and sort them according to application and selection criteria such as type of application, lubrication point or product type. By specifying the containers and direct access to the technical information and the current safety data sheet for each product, it should be possible to select products easily and precisely.

Terms from tribology explained clearly and understandably

In addition, all current brochures, news about the company and its products should be easily accessible. A push function automatically notifies users of new entries. Users can switch between German and English.

Another helpful feature, according to OKS, is the extensive glossary, which explains important terms from tribology in a clear, understandable manner and also summarizes current information on regulations, standards and institutions. The OKS app is intended to be an ideal helper for industrial and commercial users who are looking for a suitable OKS lubricant for their application.

Focus on user benefits and user friendliness

"The main focus in developing our app was on user benefit and user-friendliness," explains Markus Breitenbach, Head of Marketing at OKS. "In addition to the practical product finder and the download function for product information and safety data sheets, the app also makes it easy to contact OKS using a form for direct clarification of technical inquiries."

The app is available in the app store and in the Google Play store or on the OKS homepage. (sh)


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