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One Frequency Converter Controls Several PM Motors

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One Frequency Converter Controls Several PM Motors
One Frequency Converter Controls Several PM Motors

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Multi Fan Control is a new function in the VLT HVAC Drive FC102 from Danfoss Drives, with which several PM motors can be controlled and monitored by one frequency converter. In this way, several fans can be controlled efficiently with one frequency converter. The solution is wired with a daisy chain connection: This means that only one motor cable is routed from the converter to the first motor and from there it is looped through from one motor to the other - the solution is also intended to save on wiring costs. However, cost savings are only one aspect. According to the company, it is particularly interesting that the fans use the extensive function library of the converter and can be conveniently commissioned and parameterized using the control panel of the frequency converter.The solution is intended to enable numerous functions such as extended control options and monitoring on site or via fieldbus via a building management system and much more. Energy consumption can also be recorded to create a trend report.

Since VLT frequency inverters can control motors up to a high performance range, the user should benefit from a uniform operating concept across his entire system. The frequency inverters have many fieldbus interfaces, including BACnet IP and Modbus IP for flexible connection to a higher-level control system. (sh)

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