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3D Camera System With Strong Projector

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3D Camera System With Strong Projector
3D Camera System With Strong Projector

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Video: Pepper's Cone: An Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself 3D Display 2023, February

The series currently includes the X30 and X36 models. Both 3D camera systems consist of a projector unit and two Gig-E industrial cameras with 1.3 megapixel resolution, mounted on special spacers. According to IDS, these holders are available in different lengths. The viewing angles of the two cameras should be individually adjustable. In addition, various C-mount lenses for camera and projector are available, according to the manufacturer. In this way, working distances of up to approx. 5 m could be realized and objects with a volume of several cubic meters could be detected, such as loaded pallets or entire rooms.

Projection of a dot pattern

The 100 W projector of the 3D camera system projects a random dot pattern onto the object to be captured. According to IDS, this enables recordings of almost completely textureless surfaces.

Picture gallery

In contrast to the X30 model, the X36 model is equipped with a Flex-View-2 projector that can be moved by several “levels” on a preset level using piezo mechanics. According to the manufacturer, a pair of images with an offset projection pattern is then recorded at each “stage”, after which the individual images are combined into a single image with a correspondingly higher resolution of the 3D point cloud. This is how IDS promises more precise object contours, more image details and more robust 3D data. (jv)

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