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These Are The Workstations Of The Future

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These Are The Workstations Of The Future
These Are The Workstations Of The Future

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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Mobility, flexibility and reliability sought - what at first sounds like soft skills to a job description also describes the requirements that designers place on their equipment. Mobile CAD is an important trend in product development - whether in the office, in production, in the home office or on the go, when meeting with suppliers and customers - everywhere, designers need full access to their projects without sacrificing functionality and performance. This is the only way to quickly bring design ideas to life in competitive pressure. Hardware providers are therefore constantly optimizing their products with regard to mobile performance and efficiency. Konstruktionsspraxis asked Dell, Hewlett Packard and Microsoft about the current bestsellers from the workstation portfolio and the technical trends.

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The currently most popular workstations

  • Andre Hansel, Senior Product Manager Surface Commercial at Microsoft, reports growing demand from industrial customers for the multi-touch capable surface tablets that were launched in 2012. Hansel: “The current Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book models are particularly popular here. They offer all the usual advantages of a powerful computer and at the same time redefine the mobile workstation in industrial use by bringing innovative new functions: As flexible 2in1 combinations, they enable mobile application scenarioson the go, while they can be used at the desk with a docking station, external monitor, keyboard and mouse like high-performance PCs.”Thanks to their touch function, the separability of keyboard and screen and the digital pen input, the devices are intended to break new ground in the implementation of daily tasks open. Thanks to Windows 10, the devices support the most common development and construction programs.
  • Classic systems in the middle price segment are currently the trend at Dell. These include the Precision 3000 and 5000 series mobile workstations, as Peter Beck, Field Product Marketing Manager, Workstation and Rugged Cell at Dell, explains: “These systems provide enough power for most designers and developers and are significantly less demanding on the wallet as two-socket systems. In today's classic CAD environment, they hardly offer any added value anyway.”
  • Reliability is Klaus Herbert, Area Category Manager Commercial Solutions, HP Germany GmbH, in focus: "More and more CAD users rely on the stability, performance and reliability of HP workstations that support 24/7/365 operation, very regardless of whether it is the entry-level workstations of the Z240 series or the flagship Z840.”Because mobility is also a trend at HP, the importance of which is increasing for designers and developers in the course of globalization, so the company always offers more compact and powerful workstations like the products of the Z-Book series in a flat ultrabook design.

Software as added value for users

Herbert sees added value for users not only in the steady increase in performance, but in particular also in the equipment of the software. "In order to distribute 3D graphics applications from different locations to any PC, tablet or thin client, the HP Remote Graphics software offers a completely secure solution, in which only pixels are transferred, which enables exactly this," said Herbert. In addition, all HP workstations are supplied with an "integrated IT guru": The HP Performance Advisor simplifies commissioning and helps to find the optimal setting for the application used more effectively and in a time-saving manner. To maximize application performance, Dell also offers additional software for the most frequently used professional applications:The Precision Optimizer dynamically adjusts system settings.

On the way to the digital drawing board

In the future, Microsoft will also have to develop existing formats from the user's perspective and thus enable new ways of working. "We also pursue this goal with the Surface Studio: Unlike conventional all-in-one PCs, the device can be operated using a touch and stylus," explains Hansel. The high-resolution 28-inch 4K display can be brought into a 20 ° angle with one hand. In combination with accessories such as the new Surface Dial input device, it becomes a digital drawing surface and designers work on technical sketches as they are used to from the drawing board.

Systems for virtual reality

With Virtual Reality (VR) Beck mentions yet another trend that has a particularly strong impact on mobile workstations. "We are also seeing increasing demand for the much more potent systems. "In our view, this is mainly due to the increased need for virtual reality solutions," says Beck. "Systems that are VR-ready are usually characterized by a graphics card of the upper performance class, fast mass storage media and high-clocking processors." Dell has reacted to this and will soon be launching a mobile workstation on the market that features these typical tower workstation Brings specifications into a mobile format.

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