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New Version Of The Steel Database Stahldat SX Presented

New Version Of The Steel Database Stahldat SX Presented
New Version Of The Steel Database Stahldat SX Presented

Video: New Version Of The Steel Database Stahldat SX Presented

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An expanded version of Europe's leading steel database, Stahldat SX, is available. One focus of the extensions is the increasingly sought-after and significantly expanded international content, e.g. B. the reference to current standards from the United States and Asia. For example, there are now references between European material numbers and American AISI names. At the same time, all information on European steel grades is constantly updated.

An expanded and, at the same time, intuitively usable system should therefore be available for companies in the steel industry, the steel trade as well as steel processing users and research centers.

The steel database Stahldat SX is the official organ of the European steel registry and is continuously kept up to date. It contains all official steel materials with references to the relevant standards and technical delivery conditions. In addition to the Fosta research reports, the main content is thermophysical properties, ZTU diagrams, characteristic values ​​of sheet metal materials for the automotive industry. This data is linked to product forms and the European manufacturers. By using the world's leading material data management system Granta-MI, very flexible queries as well as graphic and tabular comparisons should be possible.

The company Matplus GmbH in Kamen, which specializes in practical software solutions for material innovations, is responsible for the technical implementation of the solution. The steel institute VDEh in Düsseldorf and the research center for steel application Fosta provide current and reliable material data in the steel sector. (sh)

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