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Drive Manufacturer Celebrates 100th Birthday

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Drive Manufacturer Celebrates 100th Birthday
Drive Manufacturer Celebrates 100th Birthday

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Video: Klaus Obermeyer Celebrates 100th Birthday 2023, February

Parker Hannifin, manufacturer of drive and control technology, celebrates the 100th anniversary of its foundation on March 13, 1917. For a century, the company's solutions have been found in numerous technologies: They made progress in production possible, were in the world wars and during exploring space in use and can now be found in many machines that make a difference.

"This year we celebrate the great achievements of the past decades. We're celebrating the people, culture and values ​​that have made Parker the company it is today,”said Tom Williams, CEO and CEO. "Our employees are the foundation of success."

Acting fairly, hard work, effort and quality

In 1917, engineer Arthur L. Parker founded the Parker Appliance Company in Cleveland, Ohio, with his business partner Carl Klamm. At that time, the company manufactured pneumatic brake systems and leak-free fittings. The first patent that Arthur Parker registered describes a hydraulic device that regulates the speed of electrical generators. Since then, the company has been granted more than 8,000 patents.

To this day, Parker maintains a strong corporate philosophy that comes from Arthur Parker. In one of his employee speeches in the 1930s, he stated: "Our success is based on fair action, hard work and the coordination of effort and quality."

Today Parker's expertise encompasses nine technology areas, serving hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. The products can be found where something is moved and in systems that enable movement and the controlled passage of liquids and gases. "We encounter Parker in all areas of everyday life - driving a car, flying a plane, talking on a cell phone, or drinking a glass of water," said Lee Banks, president and COO.

A look into the future

Parker plans to use the engineering know-how it has acquired over the past 100 years to advance advances in industrial sensors and the Internet of Things, but also for medical applications, portable robotics, energy-efficient energy storage and renewable energies, clean drinking water and other drive and control applications.

Parker celebrates its centenary with many events. This includes local company birthday celebrations, a commemorative publication on the hundred-year history of the company and celebrations at trade fairs, for example at the Hanover Fair. (kj)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 23, Stand A48

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