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Control Low Flows

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Control Low Flows
Control Low Flows

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Video: Centrifugal pump minimum flow control - Process control & Safety Instrumented Systems by WR Training 2023, February

"Years of experience in the field of miniature fluid control systems and extensive technical know-how have gone into the development of our Fasprop," said Fabrizio Maspero, Product Marketing Manager at IMI Precision Engineering. “The new valve enables users to control extremely low flow rates and also offers very high stability in systems that are controlled with closed control loops. It is based on flat spring and flat piston technology, as well as the extremely precise components and assembly processes that developers of 16 mm valves for gas dosing in medical devices have been using for years. As a result, this valve is also extremely repeatable and durable, and convinces with over 100 million switching cycles.

Precise control of flow rates in the milliliter / minute range

Compared to similar proportional valves, according to the manufacturer, the Fasprop valve is characterized by the compact valve design with the industry's smallest nominal diameter of only 0.05 mm. With the proportional valve, small flow rates in the milliliter / minute range up to 12 bar can be precisely controlled. In packed capillary GC columns, the valve prevents the shift in peak retention times that can result from poor flow control.

Fasprop proportional valves are available in different versions: as flange or cartridge valves. Thanks to their small installation volume, they should be easy to integrate and install. The combination of a very low diffusion leak rate of permanent gases and high-purity hardware components guarantees GC users a stable, low initial value for optimal, minimally detectable quantities, according to the manufacturer.

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