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Gel Cable Set For Connections Under Extreme Conditions

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Gel Cable Set For Connections Under Extreme Conditions
Gel Cable Set For Connections Under Extreme Conditions

Video: Gel Cable Set For Connections Under Extreme Conditions

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Video: Cable jointing: protection for cable connections under extreme conditions – RELICON 2023, February

The Relicon-Reliseal connection and branch sets from Hellermann Tyton should meet the highest requirements for electrical installation. According to the company, they offer mechanical protection, insulation and sealing in one step and are suitable for use in different environments. The installer should save time and need no special tools for installation.

According to Hellermann Tyton, the patented screw system provides strain relief for the cable connection and thus offers optimal protection. The assembly of the gel cable set should be very easy. The sleeve is filled with Relicon gel in advance so that the prepared connection including connector block is only pressed into the gel.

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A short installation video shows the procedure step by step:

Access to the cables possible at any time

The screw system can be attached later and opened again. The gel is flexible. Thus, access to the cables should always be guaranteed, for example to take measurements. The Relicon-Reliseal-Gel cable sets have been tested according to protection class IP68 and should be used in almost all areas. According to Hellermann Tyton, they are age-resistant (system test 50393), UV-resistant and waterproof and should therefore offer perfect protection of cable connections even in adverse environments. Typical areas of application include indoor, underground, water, or outdoor cable connections.

They are temperature-resistant up to 90 ° C and, depending on the type of terminal, can be used to connect plastic cables and lines made of PVC, PE, EPR and VPE with different diameters.

Hellermann Tyton offers the cable set in three different sizes. The scope of delivery includes the complete set, consisting of the pre-filled cable set, the screw system for strain relief, adapter seals for different cable diameters, installation instructions, a connector block and the appropriate hexagon wrench. According to the company, the unopened product can be stored indefinitely and is free of labeling. (sh)

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