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Cadfem Presents "The House Of Simulation"

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Cadfem Presents "The House Of Simulation"
Cadfem Presents "The House Of Simulation"

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According to Cadfem, a visit to the House of Simulation is worthwhile for anyone who wants to get to know simulation technologies for product development up close and experience the benefits that can be achieved on real objects. Here, the trade fair visitor should learn about the respective exhibit, why simulation was used in product development, what knowledge the calculations for the design of the product or the design of the manufacturing process provided and what benefits could be achieved with simulation.

The exhibits at the exhibition stand include Biffar (front door), BSH household appliances (oven), Hansgrohe (shower), Head (tennis racket), Hewi (shower seat, grab bar), KTM Technologies (motorcycle), Miele (tumble dryer) and Vorwerk (Thermomix).

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For example, with Biffar doors, three requirements were the focus of the optimizations that were implemented by means of simulations. With the support of Fraunhofer ITWM, the doors were examined in terms of burglar resistance, thermal insulation and fire resistance and improved in accordance with the calculation results. With the loudspeakers, the simulations resulted in a uniform sound characteristic, namely over the entire frequency range that is to be covered.

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 6, Stand K52

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