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Slip Rings For Every Purpose

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Slip Rings For Every Purpose
Slip Rings For Every Purpose

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The main function of a slip ring is the transmission of signals or electrical power from a fixed to a mobile structure, so that a continuous rotation between both sides is possible. Slip rings therefore consist of an external stator, which is usually fixed, and an internal rotor. The permanent conductive contact during the rotation is achieved by precious metal brushes in the stator, which rub on precious metal rings on the rotor. According to Servotecnica slip rings, they have a lifespan of up to 50 million revolutions.

Wide range covered

The slip ring series offered by Servotecnica begin with the Capsule series with slip rings without a hollow shaft with diameters from 12 to 22 mm and 3 to 56 contacts. You can transmit high-frequency and fieldbus signals with up to 1 GBit, which are particularly used in video surveillance systems and in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The Faston series can transmit power and analog signals at the same time and is therefore ideally suited for flowpack machines and rotary tables. It is available in diameters from 32 to 45 mm and with 2 to 6 contacts.

One of the most successful series is the through-bore slip rings with hollow shafts from 3 to 100 mm in diameter. By connecting several contacts in parallel, they can transmit very high powers. In addition, digital and analog signals as well as fieldbus signals including Ethernet realtime can be transmitted simultaneously in a rotary transformer. These rotary transformers are mainly used in converting, packaging, CNC and pharmaceutical machines.

Special designs for every niche

Servotecnica has developed the slip rings of the Rugged series for special applications such as the food industry, machine tools or rotary tables that require both an IP65 degree of protection and a steel housing.

There are also rotary transmitters without housing for naked wind turbines, slip rings with a lower height but larger diameter (flat) and explosion-proof versions in the Explosion-Proof / ATEX series, which are primarily used in the oil and gas industry, but also in off-shore Installations or metallurgical applications are used. (jv)

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