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Erodible And Particularly Wear-resistant

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Erodible And Particularly Wear-resistant
Erodible And Particularly Wear-resistant

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Video: Wear resistance of Si-TUFF coating 2023, February

The new material formulation is based on a tetragonally stabilized zirconium dioxide. Titanium nitride microparticles dispersed in it provide the required conductivity. As a further component, the high-performance ceramic contains a small amount of homogeneously distributed, free aluminum oxide grains. When processed into test specimens or components, ZT40 has an elastic modulus of 240 GPa and a flexural strength of 600 MPa. The thermal conductivity is 7.24 W / m · K at room temperature and increases slightly to 7.45 W / m · K at 300 ° C.

No wear recorded

Another mechanical characteristic triggered the tribological investigations, the Vickers hardness HV10. It was determined at 1400. A material of this hardness should be wear-resistant to steel. To test this thesis, tests were carried out with a 100Cr6 steel ball, once on an eroded plate made of ZT40 and once on a ZT40 plate with a polished surface. In both cases the coefficient of friction was 1.2. And something else was immediately noticeable: The ceramic surfaces showed almost no wear, the steel ball, however, was significantly flattened, the manufacturer says.

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In order to ensure that the new erodable ceramic does not show any wear, the test plates were subjected to an in-depth analysis of their surface structure. Gradual recordings with the scanning electron microscope, each with ten times higher resolution, confirmed the first impression. No wear can be seen on the surface of both ceramic plates.

For pressing tools, gears and pump components

The new erodable ceramics can be used for stamps and dies in pressing tools, for gears and pump components as well as for conductive components in medical instruments. All areas of application are conceivable in which a high tribological resilience is required and in which the components are to be manufactured economically on conventional machine tools. Thanks to the precise knowledge of material properties and processing behavior, Oximatec can manufacture high-precision parts from ZT40 not only in the macro but also in the micro range. (mz)

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