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NSK Introduces Online Education And Training Platform

NSK Introduces Online Education And Training Platform
NSK Introduces Online Education And Training Platform

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Video: UMC Online Courses - How to use the platform 2023, January

The new online platform from NSK provides users with training modules and technical seminars for self-study, which not only improve the theoretical knowledge, but also the practical skills in handling rolling bearings and linear technology systems. After a simple registration process, users have access to the NSK Academy's online portal, which recommends training modules and provides needs-based content.

The first e-learning module of the NSK Academy is the "Bearing Basics". It is aimed at users in maintenance, mechanical engineering companies, dealers and also employees in purchasing and logistics. The contents of the learning module include the basics of friction, basic knowledge about rolling bearings (basic load ratings and part numbers) as well as technical information, among other things, on the topics of fit, play and accuracy. In addition, the module conveys knowledge about the different types of rolling bearings as well as about the correct assembly and disassembly of bearings and troubleshooting in the event of irregularities.

Users who work in very different areas benefit from the "Bearing Basics": customer service, sales, product management, maintenance, operating technology, logistics, research & development, as well as students, trainees and trainees. After completing the course, graduates know how to select, assemble, disassemble and store rolling bearings. You can identify the causes of errors and failures and take countermeasures. The successful completion of the course is documented by a certificate that those graduates receive who have correctly answered a defined quota of questions.

NSK will gradually add further modules to the teaching content of the NSK Academy and also include other e-learning methods such as video tutorials. The German version is already online, other languages ​​will follow in the course of the year. (ud)

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