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Simulation-driven Design Enables New Paths In Development

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Simulation-driven Design Enables New Paths In Development
Simulation-driven Design Enables New Paths In Development

Video: Simulation-driven Design Enables New Paths In Development

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Video: Age of Simulation-Driven Design: Going Beyond CAE Analysis with Design of Experiments & Optimization 2023, January

This year's Hannover Messe is all about the digitalization of product development and manufacturing, the digital twin, machine communication, smart devices in industry and manufacturing, smart materials, new manufacturing methods and industrial automation. In summary, the Hannover Messe 2017 deals with all topics related to Industry 4.0. It is becoming increasingly clear that development processes are off the beaten track and development tools such as simulation are becoming indispensable to counter the pressure to innovate.

User meeting lightweight construction

We show the most important strategies of lightweight construction

The company Altair shows its solutions for simulation-driven design at this year's Hanover Fair and addresses the individual key themes of the fair with the virtual technology demonstrator of a cobot.

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Mechatronic approach necessary

When developing such complex products as a cobot, the developers must take into account the complete mechatronic system of a product, including structure, sensors, actuators, controls and last but not least the electromagnetic compatibility. B. the WLAN module does not get in the way of the load electronics. Altair shows how these complex processes can be handled. The challenges in the development of smart devices are taken into account and solutions for the development of IoT products are shown. From 1D to 3D, from sensors to optimized structures and data analytics, all necessary development steps can be processed and solved using Altair's software platform and the company's simulation-driven innovation approach.

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