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Increase Efficiency With Communication

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Increase Efficiency With Communication
Increase Efficiency With Communication

Video: Increase Efficiency With Communication

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Video: Contractor Masterclass: Increase Efficiency and Improve Communications Using Technology 2023, January

Admittedly, the introduction of mechatronic working methods presents companies with great challenges, because existing structures and processes have to be overcome. Eplan & Cideon, sister companies within the Friedhelm Loh Group, have taken up this challenge. You have developed a solution that enables a comfortable, easy introduction to the working methods of mechatronic teams.

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The starting signal for the Syngineer, a new, unique communication platform, is given at the Hanover Fair. The aim was to develop a really simple solution that can be used by all Eplan users and their colleagues in MCAD and PLC programming. And that leads to more efficiency in engineering and in the entire value chain at the end of the day. Coordination efforts and the often cumbersome procurement of information within the various engineering disciplines will thus be a thing of the past.

Disciplines can exchange ideas directly

The Syngineer supports cross-departmental collaboration in mechanics, control technology and PLC software and thus enables easy entry into mechatronic engineering. All of the disciplines involved can work directly together and communicate with each other in a way that was previously not possible. Eplan as the manufacturer of the CAE software and Cideon as the specialist for mechanical engineering processes and CAD software bring their expertise here. A first cooperation with 3S-Smart Software Solutions (Codesys) also brings in expert knowledge in the area of ​​PLC software development.

A common view of mechatronic functions

"There is a big challenge to be mastered here," explains Andreas Liesche, Head of Syngineer at Eplan & Cideon: "In order to transparently present the requirements for a machine or system for all engineering disciplines involved, these are defined in Syngineer across disciplines." Syngineer builds a freely definable structure that enables a common view of the mechatronic functions. It is used to exchange information about the machine and its modules and components. Pragmatism and the simplest possible application have the highest priority. Engineers can concentrate on the value-adding activities because they are always shown exactly the information that is currently needed in the project.The system supports new designs and changes equally.

Syngineer offers a scalable entry into mechatronic engineering. Regardless of the size of the company, the solution enables effective engineering support through direct communication and targeted information exchange. Easy-to-start and easy-to-use - these terms had the highest priority when developing the new communication platform. Finally, the hurdles that normally arise from the parallel use of different software systems are to be removed. The solution helps companies to significantly minimize coordination and administrative efforts in the engineering process and at the same time to parallelize design and development processes. The conclusion: faster results.

Working methods on the test bench

The mechatronic collaboration primarily consists of cross-disciplinary communication and information exchange within the engineering teams. Syngineer automatically provides the information that other team members need in the project for their work. If you look at the mechanics today, their mode of operation is usually component-oriented and geared towards the processes in purchasing, production or assembly.

A look at the control technology reveals: Here you work function-oriented. Structuring, standardizing and reusing are success factors in this area that lead to the automation of engineering processes. In contrast, function blocks are used in the PLC programming environment. The overall picture shows: All disciplines have different ways of working, which make orderly and efficient collaboration difficult.

Synchronization of engineering processes

The display of requirements, functions and components in Syngineer ensures an easy entry. All mechatronically relevant information is also automatically documented. The structuring is carried out in such a way that it supports its own products and processes in the best possible way. The spectrum ranges from simple projects to methods from systems engineering. To make it as easy as possible for users to get started, templates and concepts were developed for how projects can be mapped easily and without great effort in these structures.

Add-ins available for common CAD programs

Syngineer is integrated into the various common M-CAD, E-CAD, and PLC software development environments via add-ons. With them, users are connected to the communication and information platform. In the familiar work environment, Syngineer can easily be started as an additional module to exchange information. A positive side effect is perfect documentation of the project processing and the adjustments that have arisen in the course of the project. The communication platform is designed to be open to the system, so that more and more CAx and PLC software systems are being integrated step by step.

Interdisciplinary processes

Based on cloud technology, Syngineer offers the option to work in real time and across locations. All project participants can exchange their information in a targeted manner in the structure. The processing status, for example of a machine development, is always transparent. Automatic notifications of changes ensure that such information no longer has to be communicated manually and that it is transparently available to all project participants.

For example, the electrical engineer and software developer automatically receive a notification when the mechanical engineer replaces an electric motor with another model. You can then check whether this change affects your own work. Selected information such as ERP number, manufacturer or article number, device identification and function text are also shown in a table and can be exported in Excel or PDF format.

Interdisciplinary communication in real time

In Syngineer, the designers can use a chat function to communicate in a targeted manner. Agreements and changes are presented transparently in the structure, so that other project team members can also inform themselves about them. Even after years, this information is still available and reconciliations or determinations can be tracked. (mz)

Hanover Fair 2017

Eplan further automates the engineering

The advantages of Syngineer at a glance:

  • Easy-to-start: Scalable entry regardless of industry or company size
  • Easy-to-use: first successes within 30 minutes
  • No system change: Direct integration of Syngineer into the application environment of the engineering disciplines
  • Information display: Automatic display of project information for all engineering disciplines
  • Securing know-how: Automatic project documentation of results, agreements and changes
  • Openness: Due to the software architecture, the Syngineer is open for the connection of other CAx and PDM / PLM / ERP systems
  • Full transparency about the processing status in all engineering disciplines involved
  • Targeted interdisciplinary exchange of information
  • Cross-site use possible
  • Integration of external suppliers possible

Hannover Messe: Hall 6, Stand K31

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