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Six Procedures For Fast Models

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Six Procedures For Fast Models
Six Procedures For Fast Models

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Video: 6 NEW WAYS to Speed Up Your SketchUp Models! 2023, January

The task: The folding tube of a protective cap should be able to bend upwards by 90 °. For this purpose, a prototype is made in 3D printing according to the customer's ideas. Analysis of the prototype shows that the number of hose folds is not sufficient to achieve the desired bend. The construction is adapted accordingly, a revised prototype is designed.

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Thanks to the possibilities of rapid prototyping, this process can be completed quickly and inexpensively. Only then is the manufacture of the necessary tool that enables series production to be started. This avoids unnecessary costs for subsequent error corrections. Just one example of how rapid prototyping from Kremer already considerably simplifies and optimizes product development.

3D printing

Accelerate the design process

Additive manufacturing

Manufacture large prototypes in laser sintering

3D printing

New FDM printer produces parts with high strength

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