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Add Alien Materials

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Add Alien Materials
Add Alien Materials

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The change from the classic monolithic component made from a single material to hybrid designs made from materials of different types brings with it major challenges. Modern joining processes must be able to permanently and robustly connect different materials. The Fraunhofer IWS Dresden relies on interlocking structures at the transition point between metal and ceramic or plastic. The tailor-made microstructures enable a mechanically heavy-duty connection between the joining partners in later use.

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We show the most important strategies of lightweight construction

Microstructure is manufactured with high precision additive

The stapling structures are produced directly on the metallic substrate using a multitude of weld beads, one on top of the other. With the help of high-precision laser powder build-up welding, it is possible to apply precise structures with a high degree of design freedom reproducibly, reliably, quickly and economically both on rotationally symmetrical or flat substrates and on free-form surfaces. Open, closed and combinations of different geometric features can be created.

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Connection can withstand high mechanical loads

The metal surface provided with such microstructures can then be coated with plastic (for example by thermal infiltration) or with ceramic (for example by thermal spraying). To ensure the best possible penetration of the plastic or ceramic, the geometry of the microstructure was adapted using CAD / CAM tools. In this way, the clamping effect can be adjusted and the manufacturing process can be optimized.

Metal powder can be adapted to loads

Different metallic materials that are adapted to the necessary loads in the application can also be used for the additive structure of the microstructures. Even the variation of the material composition, e.g. B. for the creation of gradients, is possible in dimensions down to the two-digit micrometer range. If necessary, functional elements can be built up generatively directly on the generated structures.

Despite the small dimensions, the microstructures have a non-porous metallurgical material composite. Thanks to the gradual further development of processes and systems as well as accompanying measures for quality assurance, the technology is now successfully used in the latest generation of civil jet engines. (qui)

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