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Jansen PUR-Plast

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Jansen PUR-Plast
Jansen PUR-Plast

Video: Jansen PUR-Plast

Video: Jansen PUR-Plast
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Old plastics can be renewed with the base and top coat for inside and outside.

Signs of wear and tear, scratches and wear often make windows, doors, gutters or balcony claddings unsightly. However, an expensive exchange does not have to be. Because components made of hard PVC can be ideally renovated with a base and top coat based on plastic, so-called polyurethane. Jansen PUR-Plast is especially suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces that are exposed to high mechanical loads. The special painter product is characterized by its high resistance to chemicals and different weather conditions.

PUR-Plast consists of polyurethane (PUR) and is suitable for plastic substrates (Plast). The one-component paint runs very well and is scratch and abrasion resistant. To make the painter's job easier, the one-pot system combines base and top coat in one. This saves time and enables the processor to complete a complete coating process in just one day. In addition, the paint is characterized by good adhesive properties, high blocking resistance and non-yellowing surfaces. The paint is dry to the touch after just one to two hours and can be painted over after four to six hours.

Old plastics quickly renovated: The one-pot system from Jansen combines base and top coat in one.

Application tip from technology

For processing, Norbert Frenken, Jansen's application engineer, recommends: “Before the product is used, the surface must be stable, dry, clean and free of separating substances such as oil, grease or wax. Then our SR-Plus is used for hard PVC surfaces.”Frenken advises:“Simply spray the cleaner into a cloth - do not apply it directly to the plastic - and thus rub off the surface.”It is important when renovating To leave out window seals and check the suitability of the cleaner in an inconspicuous place. Then do an intermediate sanding with fine sandpaper grit 240 to 320.

To ensure better adhesion to thermoset plastics, such as Formica surfaces, a primer coat with Jansens Aqua-Multiprimer GH 20 is required before the PUR-Plast application. If the craftsman is unsure whether PUR-Plast adheres to the existing component, a trial coat is advisable. The next day, the adhesion of the product can be determined with the help of a cross-cut and tape tear-off tests. You apply the special varnish twice for a hard-wearing surface,”says Frenken. In addition, dark coatings on light or white plastic should be avoided when coating. Plastics coated in this way are not suitable for thermal loads and warp. Damaged areas such as scratches or notches can also be easily repaired with the Jansen 2k PE fine filler.

Simply spray Jan-sens SR-Plus into a cloth before applying the PUR-Plast and rub the hard PVC surfaces with it.

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