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Jansen's 5S Initiative

Jansen's 5S Initiative
Jansen's 5S Initiative

Video: Jansen's 5S Initiative

Video: Jansen's 5S Initiative
Video: 5S 2023, March

The demands on painters are increasing. Jansen is now launching the “5S Initiative” to simplify work processes. Time and experience thus become the most important work factors. Jansen starts an initiative that on the one hand provides the painter with high-quality system products that simplify the work processes. On the other hand, the paint factory trains the users. Jansen presents this initiative under the name "5S". 5S stands for filling, painting, spraying, cleaning, schools.

The best way to illustrate a painter's day-to-day challenge is to use an example. The painter is commissioned to renovate an Art Nouveau wooden door. He has to fill in the door frame and rebate and can paint or spray the frame, base and door leaf by hand. For economic reasons, the spraying process is suitable for the door leaf. The frame is painted by brush or roller. Problems that arise: different gloss levels, color shades and layer thicknesses of airless and brush coats. In order for the result to be right at the end of the day, coordinated products are essential that are identical in gloss level, color and appearance. "We want to offer the painter a complete package that optimizes every step of the processing," says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen."With the products, he doesn't have to worry about how he can achieve an optimal result."

In order to meet this requirement at the product level as well, Jansen is launching three new products, ISO-TLR Rapid Airless door paint, ISO painter Airless paint and a spray gun cleaner. The user therefore has the exact same paint available as an airless and classic version.

Since new technologies always bring new challenges for fabricators, Jansen trains the painters on the Jansen campus on current application techniques. The campus is also used for constructive exchange.

The painters can obtain further information about the 5S initiative directly from Jansen. There you can also order the brochure "5S - Recognize the Ease".

Source: Jansen


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