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Jansen Sets Trends

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Jansen Sets Trends
Jansen Sets Trends

Video: Jansen Sets Trends

Video: Jansen Sets Trends
Video: Webinar: Prevalence and patterns of sexual violence in marriage - Henriette Jansen - (HiRes) 2023, December

Tinting special products, filling holes with ultrafast speed and painting walls with an unusual rust look - Jansen launched products in 2015 that simplify these applications.

The paint wholesaler and professional fabricators reacted positively and gave the company a positive business year due to the good demand. Despite a slight decline in the German coatings market, Jansen's total sales increased by almost one percent compared to the previous year. The company recorded particular sales successes in France and Italy. There, export sales rose by 28.6 percent. The number of employees was adjusted to business success and increased to 77.

With the introduction of the "Jansen MIX" mixing system, the company is expanding its cooperation with the paint wholesaler. For the first time, the dealer can paint 19 base coats in the area of special painter products. The new problem solver from Jansen for damaged substrates is called Ultra-RS Renovierspachtel. The highly filling dispersion filler is ready to use, dries quickly and is shrink-free. Damaged areas can be renovated with just one work step and flawless surfaces created for the top coat. With the new special coating Edel-Rost, Jansen is expanding its "creative design" business area. Unusual industrial style on walls or objects with a real rust surface: this is in demand with building owners and renovators. And for the professional processor, a field of activity that is both original and rewarding unfolds.

Sales force strengthened

Looking after existing partnerships more intensively and winning new customers - that is Jansen's strategy to market the new developments even more successfully. The company has therefore split up its sales area in Northern Germany and filled it with two district managers, Lydia Hampf and Florian Schüller. They are the new contacts for trade and craft. Successful youth work

Florian Schüller learned industrial management at Jansen and discovered his love for direct contact with customers. The systematic and successful youth work of the company shows that he is now on the streets of northern Germany. The integration into the company was also successful for Wiebke Ley, a trained paint laboratory assistant at Jansen, who also received the best test in her profession in 2015 from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHT) in Berlin. She is employed in the test laboratory and also supervises the new mixing system "Jansen MIX" on the laboratory side. The manufacturer of special painter products will continue to rely on specialists from its own ranks in the future and will increase the number of apprenticeships from nine to ten.

Sustainable business

Jansen attaches great importance to projects that stimulate sustainable management in the company. In 2015, it was the trainees who worked out the energy topic “LED instead of mercury” so well that old lighting elements in production were replaced by energy-saving LED lights. Prior to the project, the trainees were

trained in energy scouts as part of a pilot course at the IHK in Koblenz.