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PSA Plans Fully Computer-aided Vehicle Validation By 2025

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PSA Plans Fully Computer-aided Vehicle Validation By 2025
PSA Plans Fully Computer-aided Vehicle Validation By 2025

Video: PSA Plans Fully Computer-aided Vehicle Validation By 2025

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Video: Virtual Validation of Automated Vehicles Webinar 23 June 2020 2023, January

The CAE share in the development process at PSA is currently around 60%. To change this, the company has started to standardize the software models. PSA's approach is to use only one calculation model for each CAE area. PSA works with Exa on numerical fluid mechanics. Exa Corporation is one of the leading companies in the field of aerodynamics, aeroacoustics and thermodynamics simulation. In addition, PSA would like to expand the exchange of CAE information with the suppliers of software and components as well as with university institutes.

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Prototypes only for completely new vehicle platforms

PSA's path to fully computer-aided vehicle validation in 2025 started with the first CAE approaches in the 1980s and is now so advanced that prototypes are only used for completely new vehicle platforms. New models based on existing platforms, such as the latest Citroen C3 with around 800 new components, are developed without the use of prototypes.

Digital change in 2025

In 2016, PSA representatives met with 140 experts from various areas and identified 50 scientific challenges in implementing the goals for digital change in 2025. At the meeting, 22 measures that were quick to achieve success, so-called quick wins, were also identified. PSA currently transfers these to the CAE processes. The meeting was an example of the openness of PSA to involve all experts with valuable knowledge and even competitors for the implementation of the goal, to increase the use of simulations and to increase profitability, the company said. (mz)

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