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DIY In The 70 / 80s: Eco Wave & Fitness Trend

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DIY In The 70 / 80s: Eco Wave & Fitness Trend
DIY In The 70 / 80s: Eco Wave & Fitness Trend

Video: DIY In The 70 / 80s: Eco Wave & Fitness Trend

Video: DIY In The 70 / 80s: Eco Wave & Fitness Trend
Video: Как сделать школу для кукол своими руками. DIY. How to make school for Dolls. 2023, June

But a lot has happened beyond fashion and music in these two decades. The political and social changes also left their mark on the man: emancipation, a new ecological awareness, the trend towards home ownership and the wave of fitness - the man was always at the forefront of all these issues.

    Review in pictures: DIY trends of the 70 / 80s

The 70s and 80s are the two decades that have by far the greatest retro potential. The music of the disco era always provides current artists with suggestions for new interpretations, the fashion trends of the hippie, punk or popper period regularly recur, and then popular feature films or television series now go away as DVDs like hot cakes. RTL even dedicated a ten-part television show to the 70s and 80s.


If you let the 70s flash past you, you probably think of Willy Brandt's knee in Warsaw in 1970, the hostage-taking of Munich at the 1972 Summer Olympics, the oil crisis in 1973, the Watergate affair and the World Cup in Germany in 1974, as well as the so-called German autumn 1977. In these politically very turbulent times, Germany was still going up economically.


The upswing that went down in history as an economic miracle in the 1950s continued until the 1970s, although in the end it was not as rapid as in the early post-war years. For private households, this meant that you could afford more luxury. Cars and proper equipment with consumer electronics became more and more natural. In keeping with the clothing, the apartments soon shone in all imaginable colors. From today's perspective, the wallpaper patterns of the time take some getting used to, but this is precisely why they arouse nostalgic feelings.

The 1970s are also the decade in which the women's movement in Germany gained its profile. From 1977 she got a mouthpiece through the magazine EMMA and her editor-in-chief Alice Schwarzer. The emancipation went on even the man is not without a trace. The man is himself - the Do-ityourself magazine kept up with the times and increasingly showed women who were doing their own thing - alone or in partnership with the husband.



The 80s are characterized by an increasing ecological awareness, which z. B. reflected in the founding of Greenpeace International in 1979 or the party The Greens in 1980. The largely careless handling of the environment and the waste of valuable resources gave way to a critical rethink. Even the man reacted and permanently reserved a place for the topic of energy saving. Even the man is. The Blue Angel, which has been labeling environmentally friendly products since 1978, was also a topic at the time that the man himself dealt with extensively.

The antipole to the ecological movement was the Germans' continued enthusiasm for consumption and their interest in new products and trends. For example, the computer is moving into households. And the fitness wave is spilling over from the USA. The body was brought into shape with aerobics according to Jane Fonda and strength training in the studio. The man himself supplied the appropriate building ideas.

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