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Camera With Integrated Image Processing And OCR

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Camera With Integrated Image Processing And OCR
Camera With Integrated Image Processing And OCR

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Video: Pixy2 Camera - Image Recognition for Arduino & Raspberry Pi 2023, February

All model variants also have the standard protocols Profinet and Ethernet / IP, which according to the manufacturer can be switched as required. The new We-Qube housing has a C-mount threaded connection and is therefore compatible with all standard C-mount camera lenses. Wenglor has a selection of suitable lenses with different focal lengths. In this design, the cameras offer protection type IP67, Wenglor says; In addition, a specially developed protective tube would prevent the lens from being mechanically adjusted.

Read multiple lines in one operation

According to the manufacturer, the OCR function for character recognition reads the predefined fonts OCR-A and OCR-B over several lines in one reading process. A teach-in function also offers the option of teaching in new fonts. A total of six new product variants with an OCR module are available. In addition to the abilities of code reading, image processing as well as writing and character recognition, the user can use the software in a total of ten different language versions.

A stainless steel protective housing is also available for use in hygienically sensitive industrial areas, which, according to Wenglor, meets the requirements of protection class IP69K. (jv)

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