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Measuring System Detects Worn Gears In Trams

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Measuring System Detects Worn Gears In Trams
Measuring System Detects Worn Gears In Trams

Video: Measuring System Detects Worn Gears In Trams

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Video: Measurement over Pins (aka Measurement over Wires) 2023, January

At the Intec manufacturing technology trade fair, which takes place from March 7th to 10th in Leipzig, scientists from the Leipzig University of Technology, Economics and Culture (HTWK Leipzig) are presenting the prototype of a wireless measuring system that is designed to diagnose the condition of drive components based on their vibration pattern. The aim is to be able to monitor the wear and tear of vehicles, machines and systems in the future without having to disassemble them. The technology is designed to increase safety in machine and vehicle fleets while reducing maintenance costs.

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Measuring system for use on trams

The measuring system was developed and tested as an example for use on trams. "In order to permanently monitor the condition of vehicles and other moving systems, the technology has to function separately from the power grid," explains Professor Mathias Rudolph from the HTWK Leipzig. “The sensors in our measuring system therefore generate the energy they need from the vibrations in their immediate vicinity. This energy is sufficient to carry out regular measurements, to communicate with other sensors and to send the results to an evaluation unit by radio.”For the damage diagnosis itself, the vibration pattern of the bearings is measured - similar to a doctor's lung listening device. A computer algorithm compares the measured values ​​with previous measurements and reference values ​​and is intended to predict in the futurewhat is the state of wear of the bearing.

At Intec, Prof. Mathias Rudolph and his staff will present the prototype of the sensor network in a test rig that simulates a machine. The scientists can be found at the “Research for the Future” joint stand in Hall 3, Stand A 28.

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Trend topic "Energy Harvesting"

All technical systems and machines wear out over time. Numerous wear components are therefore exchanged after specified periods - to be on the safe side even when the components are still in order. At the same time, however, there is a risk that an excessively stressed component will fail prematurely and lead to total damage. Numerous engineers around the world are currently researching how a wide variety of machines and systems in the “Internet of Things” can be automatically monitored with energy-self-sufficient sensors. The trend topic "Energy Harvesting", ie mini computers that generate their own energy, is predicted to grow by up to 20% annually (MarketsandMarkets 2016). At the HTWK Leipzig alone, three different research and development projects are underway in this area:Rudolph and his team conduct research at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Technology for the condition monitoring of drive components in machines and vehicles, at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Prof. Faouzi Derbel researches into the diagnosis of electric point heaters, and Prof. Gerd Valtin into the supervision of current transistors. (sh)

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