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3D Cameras For Fast Laser Triangulation

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3D Cameras For Fast Laser Triangulation
3D Cameras For Fast Laser Triangulation

Video: 3D Cameras For Fast Laser Triangulation

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Video: SmartRay ECCO 3D Camera Using Laser Triangulation 2023, February

A special applet for laser triangulation, developed on the basis of visual applets, makes it possible, according to Baumer, to locate the center of gravity of the laser line in the camera with sub-pixel accuracy and only transmit the profile data. The amount of data is reduced directly in the camera. This enables an inexpensive, flexible system structure using a Gig-E interface. Due to the high resolution and profile rate, the 3D information was recorded precisely in order to reliably detect the smallest deviations at high process speeds, says Baumer.

Significantly reduced CPU load

By combining several profiles, robust transmission is ensured even at the highest speed; in addition, the CPU load is significantly reduced. Thanks to the pre-installed 3D applet, laser triangulation applications can be implemented immediately and without additional in-house development, according to the manufacturer. However, the user is always free to adapt to special application requirements at any time. A fast integration of the 3D cameras is made possible by third party software such as Halcon. The calibration of the system structure can be easily implemented using 3D test objects. (jv)

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