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Acoustics In Drywall. Noise Breaker

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Acoustics In Drywall. Noise Breaker
Acoustics In Drywall. Noise Breaker

Video: Acoustics In Drywall. Noise Breaker

Video: Acoustics In Drywall. Noise Breaker
Video: HOW TO - Soundproof walls with Siniat dB Plasterboard 2023, December

The right room acoustics are becoming increasingly important in schools, daycare centers and kindergartens. Colorful "noise breakers" are used in a Rosenheim daycare center.

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Loud laughter, screeching, screaming: children are always authentic and act much more freely. As healthy and beautiful as it is - the noise level is not only troublesome for children themselves, but also for educators and sometimes even for the neighborhood. Adults respond to noise with hypertension and stress symptoms, children with learning disorders. Even if noise can be faded out, it continues to affect the brain, the permanent overstimulation causes long-term psychological or physical damage. After the head of administration Sabine Schmit had had a measurement carried out by the trade association, it was clear to her that the noise level was not a subjective sensation, but an urgent solution was needed. During her research, she came across an acoustic specialist.

Child-friendly design

The assembly system from B11 convinced the educators. The noise protection products are flexible, variable and can also be used afterwards. The sound absorbers are available in many variations: the "Tower of Silence", the sliding acoustic wall "Wall of Silence", the stool "Cube" or the ceiling or wall absorber "Wing", suitable for a wide variety of rooms. The acoustics can often be improved with one hand because the individual elements are absolutely light, flexible and interchangeable.

Deep concentration at last

Not only has the noise level in the daycare center dropped significantly, the visual appearance has also improved thanks to the colorful acoustic system. Educators and children can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on the really important things.

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