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Protective Coating For Wooden Facades

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Protective Coating For Wooden Facades
Protective Coating For Wooden Facades

Video: Protective Coating For Wooden Facades

Video: Protective Coating For Wooden Facades
Video: Bondex - Treatment of wooden facades 2023, November

Protective coating for a wooden facade: After 18 years of wind and weather had been hard on the wooden facade of a semi-detached house in Herscheid in Brandenburg, it was time for a new protective coating.

Photos: PPG Coatings Deutschland GmbH

After detailed advice from painter Dirk Müller, the house owner decided to finish the vertical clothing with the glaze system "Gori 88" in silver metallic and the roof underside in anthracite metallic.

Protective coating for wooden facades

As the woods showed different weathering conditions, a glaze-lightening technique was used first. The wooden casing was cleaned with a water-dilutable, colorless disinfectant and root brush. This was followed by a thorough sanding. Loose paint parts removed the professionals down to the healthy wood fibers. In the next step, the wood preservative was applied to level the surface and improve the durability and the adhesion of the subsequent coats. For the construction of a covering intermediate coating, the woods were painted twice with the color of the facade, the wall formwork and the roof soffits in light gray, and the beams and rafters in silver gray. The paint is a structure-emphasizing and covering,but permeable system for optimal moisture regulation and long-lasting weather protection. The formulation of this color achieves a high penetration depth through a special combination of alkyd resin and water-based acrylates. It forms a connection with the underground. The paints can be painted over after six hours.

Permanent protection

After the intermediate coating had dried and was treated again with sandpaper, the “Gori 88” compact glaze in the desired metallic color was applied in one or two jobs.

"Gori 88" remains on the surface and - in combination with "GORI 99" as a primer - creates the visual impression of a wood structure. The product has two advantages: The glaze has a medium layer and gives dimensionally stable wood reliable, permanent protection. In addition, the coating slowly erodes off. Flaking does not occur in the long run. In order to achieve an optimal result, the surface should be crossed out in regular strokes and in the direction of the fibers and the optics of the grain technology should be tested with a test coating. A final coating with "Gori 88" in the metallic colors gives wood surfaces an attractive effect.

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Products used

Sigma fungisol

Gori 17 extra waterproofing primer

Gori 99 wood facade paint

Compact glaze "Gori 88"