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Jansen Vario Solid Deck

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Jansen Vario Solid Deck
Jansen Vario Solid Deck

Video: Jansen Vario Solid Deck

Video: Jansen Vario Solid Deck
Video: Колода ГВИНТ: Возвращение Гармонии (Саския теперь является твердой картой Гармонии) 2023, December

Wooden houses and wooden structures exude a very special atmosphere. These need to be preserved and emphasized.

With the Vario Solid Deck wood deck paint, Jansen is now launching a high-tech coating that can withstand even the most extreme weather and at the same time impresses with its high aesthetic appeal. The new thing about Vario Solid Deck is the innovative alkyd resin-oil combination.

The long-oiled binders penetrate deep into the wood, are very elastic and thus offer a deeply effective and extreme long-term protection against weather influences. Rain, dew or fog, which would otherwise lead to moisture in the wood, are left out.

This reduces the shrinking movements of the wood. These arise from the constant change of moisture and dryness and create micro cracks in the wood. At the same time, the opaque wood color protects against UV radiation, which is responsible for the breakdown of wood components such as lignin. In addition, the high-tech coating is equipped with a temporary film protection against algae and mold.

Very good processing properties of the wood top paint

“Vario Solid Deck is extremely easy to work with. That was particularly important to us,”says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen. “Therefore, large-scale wooden structures such as roof soffits or wooden facades can be protected very quickly. And that with an excellent surface finish.”The solvent-based wood covering paint can be used outdoors on all components that are dimensionally stable and dimensionally stable. It is available in the colors white, Swedish red, light gray, moss green, chocolate brown and black. Using Jansen Mix, the processor can have Vario Solid Deck mixed in thousands of colors.

Further information at www.jansen.de.

Source: Jansen GmbH u. Co., KG