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Jansen Metal Protection 3 In 1

Jansen Metal Protection 3 In 1
Jansen Metal Protection 3 In 1

Whether green gutter, black railing or red container - colors have a dual function for metals.

Ideally, they protect against rust and have an aesthetic quality. Colors are often an integral part of the architectural concept or serve as a guidance system. The new 3 in 1 metal protection from Jansen emphasizes this double function: It offers the user a safe rust protection coating and unlimited color variety.

Applying a rust protection coating can be complex: oxide red rust protection primer, intermediate coating and colored top coat. Jansen Metallschutz 3 in 1 makes this work easier. The ready-to-paint metal coating offers primer, intermediate and top coat from one container - and in the desired color.

“The special thing about the one-top system is that the user always receives a tinted paint. We do not offer a ready mix. We are targeting users who want to protect metal with precise color. This is interesting for modern new buildings with a coherent color concept as well as for color-accurate restorations,”says Frank Jakobs, Product Manager at Jansen.

The tinted paint is easy to process and has very good adhesive properties on iron and other metals. It is also ideal for the colored design of aluminum. The metal coating based on a modified alkyd resin also offers very good corrosion protection. Rust formation is avoided from the start. This is how the product contributes to the safety of metal components.

Source: Jansen


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