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New Office Colors

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New Office Colors
New Office Colors

Video: New Office Colors

Video: New Office Colors

The entire wall becomes a think tank. The new office colors from Jansen are an additional business for the painter.

The company rounds off its portfolio of specialty painter products. The range includes the Aqua 2K whiteboard paint, the Aqua school blackboard paint and the magnetic fleece. In this way, functional wall surfaces are created in office, training or conference rooms or in the private area, which integrate harmoniously into the room design.

With the three products, Jansen supplies a complete system that is suitable for noting down ideas, messages or notes and is available in paint wholesalers and specialist retailers.

Magnetic fleece can be used universally

Wherever a smooth surface is to become a magnetic surface, the glass fleece with a metal-coated back is used. With the help of a dispersion adhesive, it is attached quickly and easily like a wallpaper. Then there are various options for reworking the magnetic fleece. After applying the Aqua 2K whiteboard paint, the desired area can then be written on with a whiteboard marker. Painting with chalkboard paint is suitable for writing on with chalk. In order to make commercially available wall paints, water-based paints and paints also writable with chalk, a coating with the Aqua blackboard paint colorless is recommended. This creates presentation areas with magnets attached - without any rails or plates.

Aqua 2K whiteboard paint based on polyurethane

The water-based 2-component one-pot system enables unlimited labeling of the entire wall surface indoors - especially in offices or training rooms. The silk matt whiteboard color can also be a helpful addition in the kitchen or children's room. Applied with a roller or brush, the special paint can be written on after about three days. The resulting presentation area can be labeled with whiteboard markers and easily cleaned with a soft cloth. In combination with the Jansen magnetic fleece, the desired surface becomes a magnetic wall.

Aqua school blackboard paint for inside and outside

With the matt, universally applicable acrylic dispersion, slab walls, chipboard, MDF and multilayer boards are used to create board surfaces that can be optimally labeled with standard wall and color chalks. For example, in the domestic area such as children's room or kitchen there is space for the creative think tank. In addition, the special painter product is also suitable for reworking wall, school and writing boards that have already been painted. Further areas of application can be found in kindergartens, schools, gastronomy, shopfitting or medical practices. The Aqua school board varnish is available in black and green and - like the Aqua 2K whiteboard paint - can be combined with the Jansen magnetic fleece.

Source: Jansen