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Office Colors

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Office Colors
Office Colors

Video: Office Colors

Video: Office Colors
Video: What Color To Paint Your Office For Maximum Productivity 2023, March

The new JAEGER paints offer many different design options for commercial and private use.

JAEGER Lacke presents the new product component office and communication colors. Four different products offer a variety of attractive design solutions for conference and training rooms, for offices and also for the private environment. Functionality is by no means neglected: wall surfaces with the appropriate paint become whiteboard, canvas, chalk or magnetic board. The shapes are freely selectable, even multi-functional surfaces are possible!

Functionality is the top priority when it comes to equipping training, presentation and work rooms. But that doesn't mean that it has to look boring and sober. The new office and communication colors from JAEGER Lacke open up countless new possibilities for contemporary, elegant and yet practical interior design. The three new products create almost invisible surfaces that can be used as a whiteboard, presentation screen or magnetic board if required. The classic and versatile blackboard paint rounds off the building block. The four qualities can also offer useful and practical solutions in many areas in the private sphere.

The elegant solution for whiteboards

Whiteboards are standard equipment in every conference and training room. However, the chunky white plastic panels are not attractive. With the new JAEGER 2K aqua whiteboard paint, you can now turn any smooth surface into a full whiteboard. Best of all, it doesn't have to be white! The whiteboard color is also available as a transparent cover that can be painted over a subtle or striking color surface. Both the white and the transparent version are available in two gloss levels: glossy and silk matt. After just three days of drying, the surfaces can be written on with conventional whiteboard markers, and everything can be removed with the JAEGER whiteboard cleaner without leaving any residue. The frameless surfaces are an elegant and modern solution,which pleasantly breaks through the usual, mostly sober look of training and conference rooms.

For brilliant picture quality

Moving images and presentations via a projector or projector require a super-white, perfectly reflective projection surface for high reproduction quality. Walls coated with the new JAEGER projection paint offer these ideal conditions for a perfect reproduction with the highest color fidelity, sharpness and contrast - without a screen! The matt surface of the coating guarantees a particularly even reflection of the light. Optimal light scattering ensures excellent visibility with a wide viewing angle - the best conditions for a successful presentation or an exciting film experience with family and friends.

The magnetic wall from the box is the combination partner

You can find them at almost every work place and in every household: the magnetic wall is an indispensable, central collection point for a lot of important information, but also for all kinds of lovable things and one or the other curious find. With the JAEGER Aqua magnetic paint you can magnetize any wall surface very easily, painting is enough! The special thing about it: You are not limited to shape or color. Since the magnetic paint can be painted under any of the other office colors presented, multifunctional surfaces are also possible that can be written on and magnetic at the same time!

Guaranteed real table delights

With the solvent-free JAEGER Aqua school board varnish, board surfaces can be realized particularly easily and anywhere, without being tied to specific shapes. This creates numerous new application and design options in the work environment and in private rooms.

Further information on the new paints can be found here: JAEGER office and communication colors

Source: JAEGER

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