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Industrial Style Surfaces - How It Works

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Industrial Style Surfaces - How It Works
Industrial Style Surfaces - How It Works

Video: Industrial Style Surfaces - How It Works

Video: Industrial Style Surfaces - How It Works
Video: Industrial Interior Design [14 Ideas You Need To Know About in 2021] 2023, December

Industrial style is a trend in design-oriented guest fabrics, an important component is the concrete look. Such a surface can also be created with lime products.

The fourth and last part of our practice series on creative surfaces deals with the particularly elegant-looking concrete look. With the Villa Venezia products, these stylish surfaces are also easy to achieve, as our step-by-step instructions for practice show.

As is well known, concrete is a particularly versatile material and is no longer just used for construction purposes. However, the environment is decisive for the effect. Depending on the desired style, everything is possible through combination with wood, textile, lacquer and color, from factual to cool to playful and lush. At the moment, for example, there is no way around “industrial style” in the trend and design-oriented hospitality industry. In addition to rustic exposed concrete surfaces, this definitely includes furniture made of solid oak, stylishly combined with black iron or brushed stainless steel.

For a chic exposed concrete wall, you no longer need a concrete mixer today, instead you use the products from the creative wall design. Incidentally, the new concrete surfaces look particularly noble when they come along with a slight sheen. This finish has the pleasant side effect that the pores are closed and thus the resistance to dirt increases.

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Jaeger Lacke launched its Villa Venezia range back in 1995. In the meantime, the once manageable range has become a handsome product family. In addition, the manufacturer offers seminars in which you can develop new techniques and develop ideas for new products together with the professionals. In our series we were only able to show a selection of the possibilities of creative wall design. Anyone interested in further suggestions can find out more on the homepage; the various techniques are also shown in detail on Jaeger's YouTube channel.