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Corporate Identity Color. Under Time Pressure

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Corporate Identity Color. Under Time Pressure
Corporate Identity Color. Under Time Pressure

Video: Corporate Identity Color. Under Time Pressure

Video: Corporate Identity Color. Under Time Pressure
Video: Colour, and what it means for your brand. Logo design colours. 2023, December

For the execution of all painting work in corporate identity color in the Motel One in Basel, there was a short time window of only eight weeks. Here you can find out how the painters withstood the pressure of time.

Photos: Brillux

Inspired by the turquoise sea water of Mallorca, turquoise became the corporate identity color of the hotel chain. This brand color is evident everywhere: starting with the turquoise EggChair - a design classic designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 - through turquoise design carpets to lovingly selected small details such as turquoise tea lights.

143 hotel rooms, corridors and stairwells in eight weeks - this tight time window alone presented the painting team with a major challenge. This was exacerbated by the fact that the delivery to the construction site could only take place until 10 a.m. due to the central location in the old town. So they worked around the clock on night shifts. The Brillux delivery service ensured that the required products and materials were available just in time in the desired quantities. So the painters managed to finish Motel One in time.

The walls of the 143 rooms were coated with Briplast airless spatula light ELF 1885 - a ready-to-use lightweight filler that enables simple, smooth application. The technical consultant from Brillux and the painter worked closely together to apply the material using a special sprinkling technique.

Coating materials for corporate identity paint

For reasons of fire protection, the CreaGlas fabric VG 3457 with CreaGlas fabric adhesive ELF 377 was used in the area of the corridors and stairwells. The final coating was done with Superlux ELF 3000. All doors and door frames were first primed with Hydro-PU-Spray Filler 2120 and sprayed with Hydro-PU-Spray silk matt lacquer 2188 or, where spraying was not possible, with Hydro-PU-Tec 2088 silk matt lacquer rolled. The white plaster ceilings were painted with living area paint ELF 1820.

The lounge, flooded with light through floor-to-ceiling windows, was designed in cooperation with the successful Swiss graffiti artist Adrian Falkner, aka Smash 137. An eye-catcher is Falkner's work of art "Soundscape": Its abstract circular shapes are reminiscent of speech and thought bubbles, which are intended to visually illustrate the soundscape of the One Lounge and the feelings of hotel guests from different cultures. A screen, embedded in an easel wall graphic, shows the "making-of" of Falkner's artwork and informs the guests about current art events.

Designed with art

The graphic from event posters in the nearby Kunsthalle Basel at the back of the reception also reveals that art is the defining theme of Motel One Basel. The illuminated picture frames, which stylishly stage the bottles at the bar, are also reminiscent of art. The studio corner, designed with “Overdyed Chair” chairs by the Diesel for Moroso label and the “Tu-Be” chandelier by Ingo Maurer, defines the area in which breakfast is served.

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Products used

  • Briplast airless spatula light ELF 1885
  • CreaGlas fabric VG 3457
  • CreaGlas tissue adhesive ELF 377
  • Superlux ELF 3000
  • Hydro PU spray filler 2120
  • Hydro PU spray silk matt lacquer 2188
  • Living room color ELF 1820
  • Lacryl Tiefgrund ELF 595