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Attract And Promote Young Talent

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Attract And Promote Young Talent
Attract And Promote Young Talent

Video: Attract And Promote Young Talent

Video: Attract And Promote Young Talent
Video: Attract and Keep the Right People 2023, December

Brillux took the FAF motto "The next generation" literally and focuses holistically on the most valuable asset of the company: the (future) employees.

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With the young people's initiative "Your future is colorful" and the offers of the academy, Brillux presented a comprehensive service portfolio for one of the most pressing questions in the craft: How can trainees and employees be specifically won, motivated and promoted? The topic of “attracting and promoting young talent” was the focus of the 1,500 square meter booth. Peter König, managing partner of Brillux: “Promoting and promoting young talent is a task that craft businesses cannot do alone due to the development of society as a whole. For us, the commitment in this area is a big part of the trusting and partnership relationship with our customers - and an investment in our common future."

Four years ago, Brillux launched the “Your future is bright” youth initiative to sustainably support companies. At the trade fair in Cologne, the company showed where the initiative's journey is heading: addressing target groups, authenticity and contact options.

Realistic insight

“We have to be able to give potential trainees a realistic insight into the training - for example, through our new professional clips on the website and a targeted approach to portals such as Instagram. In addition, we are now increasingly focusing on teachers and parents. We also offer companies even more practical support to get in touch with young people,”says Frank Dusny, Head of Strategic Marketing. The most striking innovation of "Your future is colorful": a new logo and an eye-catching design with a new visual language.

Actions such as “Business meets School” are also new: Schools are in need of renovation - and businesses urgently need new trainees. “Your future is colorful” brings companies to school for a day, where they design a room together with students. The young people can try out painting and varnishing directly, while the companies have the opportunity to make initial contacts with potential trainees.

Qualification offers

The Brillux Academy presented for the first time a comprehensive portfolio to support craft businesses in the qualification and motivation of their trainees and trainers. The new focus on trainees is summarized under the umbrella of the training partnership. Partner companies can access learning and training offers for trainees and trainers. “In addition to other aspects, trainees particularly value a professionally qualified and appreciative training. Our learning and training programs behind the training partnership start right here, take into account today's learning behavior of young people and strengthen the hand-in-hand idea of recruiting and promoting young talent,”explains Lukas Schulze Brock, head of the Brillux Academy.

In addition to analog training, the Academy's new learning portal celebrated its premiere at the trade fair: the world of learning. This means that a digital offering with a variety of e-learning courses and video tutorials is now available. The world of learning is aimed at apprentices as well as journeyman, master and owner.

A highlight is the cooperation between Brillux and simpleclub, one of the largest online tutoring platforms in Germany. This cooperation creates youth-friendly learning videos and exercises for the learning fields in painting and plastering training.

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