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Annoying And Funny

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Annoying And Funny
Annoying And Funny

After the debates about summer time or winter time, the argument about working hours. According to a

judgment of the European Court of Justice, this should be recorded precisely. There should be scope for implementation at the state level and special solutions for craft businesses. As if they were necessary. In our companies, time recording is precise and unbureaucratic. Or do you know a journeyman who wrote down fewer hours than they worked?

Pay more tuition

The draft law stipulates that training allowances should be at least EUR 519 from 2020 and then increase to EUR 620. From 2023, the highest minimum wage will be € 868. That would not be a problem for our companies with comparatively high tariff remuneration. However, government

intervention in collective bargaining is problematic. And in structurally weak areas and for

some professions, there is considerable sums involved. It will be interesting to see whether so much "training" does not deter instructors. What do the trainees bring in in the first year? Are still apprentices.

Trump with Trump

Donald Trump as an example in the speech at this year's acquittal celebration for the journeyman's examination - can't it be true? But it is: The LIV Hessen is once again very trendy this year with its hands-free package. It shows that more and more ambitious young people are trying to optimize themselves in order to get ahead by themselves

strive to eradicate their weaknesses. This year's address to the young fellows recommends exactly the opposite, namely to trust in the innate individual strengths and to use them. "Make sure you get ahead - go your way!" Is the title of the hands-free speech, which presents the "biostructogram", illustrated with three colors, in which the individual characteristics and strengths are determined, as an effective recipe for success. Well-known personalities who used their imprints for success are presented as examples for the different types of dominance - Donald Trump as a particularly striking one. As always, the hands-free package also includes the career portfolio with all current further education and funding opportunities, on the topic of suitable gift suggestions for awarding the best in exams,Sample letters for the invitation and notes for the press. There are even suggestions for the table decoration - matching the topic this time in the colors of the structure diagram circle green, red and blue. So that the hands-free celebration is a well-rounded affair.

And that too: the hands-free package has no expiry date. Associations and

guilds that have not noticed this year can order this package for the next year. Now.

The state should fix it

In the meantime, more than half of younger people no longer provide for old age through savings, and the number of

those who believe that

the state is "fully responsible for their pensions" has doubled. This thinking is completely wrong - and the carelessness is worrying. "Look at the birds of the sky, they do not sow and reap, and yet they feed …". More and more are probably interpreting this biblical quotation as follows: nothing to put on, nothing to put back - and to give the state the role of heavenly father.

Preservation Doctrine

It is not always easy with the preservation of monuments. It rightly insists on the doctrine: historical in historical colors, where possible based on

findings, but sometimes it is difficult

to follow a suggestion or customer request, although this is absolutely within the range of historical variants. I am currently experiencing this as a consultant at two "construction sites". For one, the preservation of historical monuments does not want to accept the reserved blue folding shutters proposed for the brown beams and dove-gray window frames and insists on green ones. In the second, the conditions are so high that the owner prefers to leave it alone. Where the doctrine becomes a dictate, monuments can deteriorate. Too bad.

First flop - now top

“Better - faster - more rational”, the rationalization book that the legendary “Refa Working Group” wrote over 40 years ago - yes, you read that correctly - was a flop for the publisher. Most of the suggestions were far too utopian - at the time. It was only a few years later that someone used the book as the basis for his doctorate and now that is what the "Refa-Greise", as they jokingly call themselves today, worked out, tried and suggested at the time, by the way, first in the painter's journal, almost all of them Operated long-established practice - yesterday's snow. I am surprised by the current request from an advocacy group as to whether they should use the schedule for rational order processing as the basis for modification and publication. So “better - faster - more rational” suddenly becomes more up-to-date. Well,even those who come too early are punished by life. Back then flop - today top.

Not for pajamas

Not only sleep doctors recommend a short nap after lunch. Large companies even offer relaxation rooms. Against the nodding off at meetings, seminars and conferences, taking notes is an effective way to combat fatigue. When I read this these days, I remembered this boring lecture event, where I wrote down hard. "What do you note down there, after all, everything is really not new, what he says above," my neighbor whispered to me. What he didn't know: I wrote busily - dictation templates for my mail. This remedy is of course not suitable for sleepyheads.


Author Werner Schledt was for decades a business consultant and association manager in the Hessian painting and varnishing trade.

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