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Win Trainees For The Trade

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Win Trainees For The Trade
Win Trainees For The Trade

Video: Win Trainees For The Trade

Video: Win Trainees For The Trade
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Create something with your own hands, be creative, take responsibility early - the painting profession offers a secure perspective with plenty of scope. Fabian Schütte and the brothers Huthayfa and Qutaiba Hameed also know this, all three trainees as painters and varnishers at the painting company temps in Neustadt am Rübenberge. With a video for the young people's initiative "Your future is colorful", they are now working with Brillux to spark interest in their profession. In the center: machine technology

“Camera is running!” Use the spray gun to apply filler to the wall while the cameraman looks over his shoulder: the trainee Qutaiba Hameed cannot be disturbed. “Working with machines is an interesting aspect of our job. Many imagine our job to be rather boring - but not true.”

Win trainees for the trade

It is well known that the profession has an image problem and that the number of trainees has dropped sharply, especially in the painting and varnishing trade. With the young people's initiative “Your future is colorful”, Brillux has been helping companies find potential trainees since 2015. This also includes public relations work for the painting trade, for example through professional clips. The focus here is on highlighting the positive characteristics of the profession and attracting attention from young people.

What do painters and varnishers actually do?

Showing the range of activities and perspectives that the painting trade offers - ideally by accompanying young people at work: That is the aim of the so-called professional clips that are created as part of "Your future is colorful". In their video, the three trainees in the company's own training center show how to use a spray gun to apply filler and paint to the wall. In addition, they give an insight into their career in short interviews. "I liked the shoot, you don't do something like that every day," says Huthayfa Hameed. His apprentice colleague Fabian Schütte adds: "We just have a nice job."

Career website with training and internship exchange

The video can be seen on the website of "Your future is colorful" at www.dzib.de. There are also other clips in which young talents present their profession. In addition, the website offers extensive information in text, image and film both on the profession of painter / painter and on the job profile plasterer. The heart of the website is the training and internship exchange, in which craft businesses from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Tyrol can present themselves as competent trainers. There are now over 7,500 companies registered there. Interested parties have the option of using the interactive map with zoom function or the specific address input to choose a training company in their area - and, if necessary, to contact us directly using a form. In this way, the training and internship exchange becomes a career portal that easily brings companies and applicants together.