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Smell Goes, Warmth Remains

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Smell Goes, Warmth Remains
Smell Goes, Warmth Remains

Video: Smell Goes, Warmth Remains

Video: Smell Goes, Warmth Remains
Video: We Smell Every Smell 2023, December

Ventilation systems do not have to be complicated. The Sto system is mounted on the facade from the outside and "disappears" in the insulation system. The user-independent system should recover up to 95 percent of the heat, provide fresh air and protect the building structure from moisture and mold.

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New or renovated houses are largely airtight. That's why you have to ventilate. The use of ventilation systems is recommended to ensure that the air is regularly exchanged in sufficient quantities.

In cooperation with EnerSearch Solar GmbH, Sto offers a ventilation system throughout Germany (according to DIN 1946-6 and DIN 18017-3) that can be integrated into a thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). StoAirtherm Control is the name of the ventilation system. The device is designed to ensure a constant supply of fresh air and to reduce moisture in living spaces. This is also intended to reduce the risk of mold growth.

The user-independent ventilation removes used air from the bathroom or kitchen and at the same time supplies the living rooms with fresh air, which is preheated via an integrated cross-flow heat exchanger. The thermal energy of the extracted air is largely retained (ideally up to 95 percent). Windows can also be opened in winter - but they no longer have to.

The StoAirtherm control module (720 x 460 x 140–400 mm) is mounted flush with the surface on the facade side of the outer wall of a room into which fresh air is to be led. Flat ventilation ducts lead to wall openings (diameter 100 mm) in the rooms, from which used, moist air is to be discharged outside. According to the manufacturer, one system per apartment is sufficient thanks to an air volume flow of up to 150 m3 / h. Module and ducts are fully integrated in the insulation level of an ETICS; no living space is used.

Intelligent control

During renovations, complex and costly construction work inside the building is avoided. After installation, the residents benefit from the comfortable room climate in combination with unused air. An intelligent control unit automatically regulates the air humidity taking into account the outside and inside temperature.

The supplier promises that the decentralized ventilation system consumes only little electricity (operating voltage: 24 V) and has a high level of external sound insulation (depending on the installation and additional silencers up to 70 dB (A)). Fresh air flows in, the noise stays outside.

The installation of the ventilation system is eligible for KfW funding in combination with facade insulation.

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