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2K Water-based Floor Sealing: Quick And Robust

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2K Water-based Floor Sealing: Quick And Robust
2K Water-based Floor Sealing: Quick And Robust

Video: 2K Water-based Floor Sealing: Quick And Robust

Video: 2K Water-based Floor Sealing: Quick And Robust
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With a 2K water-based floor sealing, floor areas can be achieved in a very short time, which are not only very resistant, but are also chemically strong. The areas of application are diverse - even design flooring can be reworked with the seal.

Author: Susanne Sachsenmaier-Wahl / Photos: Brillux

Soil seals are primarily intended to be resistant, easy to clean and, if possible; also make something optically. However, fast processing is becoming increasingly important. "Especially when it comes to completing renovations without major delays, for example in shop fitting, innovative floor sealings enable two coating passes to be carried out in one day," says Simon Heuermann, floor coating product group consultant at Brillux. "This means that renovations can be carried out in no time at all over a weekend without failures for the shopkeeper and his customers."

Optical variety

Brillux has therefore developed a new floor seal, not only for these requirements. "The new Floortec 2K-Purolid floor sealing system stands for resilience, coupled with fast processing," explains Simon Heuermann. The system comprises two transparent seals in silk matt and silk gloss. There is also a colored, silk matt and, as the painter's editorial team was able to convince itself of during a practical demonstration, there is a well-covering floor seal. The latter is offered in the standard colors RAL 7035 and RAL 7023. In addition, the seal can be tinted using the manufacturer's color system in the desired color. In combination with a scatter chip, there are countless design options.

But the diverse look is only one aspect that speaks for the new 2K floor sealing. The two-component polyurethane base ensures that the sealed surfaces are both mechanically and chemically strong and resistant to disinfectants. They also have high light and weather resistance.

Convincing properties of 2K floor sealing

The decisive advantage in renovation work, however, is likely to be the quick drying: This enables a particularly short reworking time and thus two coatings per day. The second coat of paint can be applied after about four hours. This is usually possible without intermediate sanding. Only if there is more than 16 hours between the two coats, do an intermediate sanding with a PU renovation pad.

The new 2-component floor sealing also performs well in terms of smell. The Malerblatt team was unable to perceive any annoying or even pungent smells during the practical demonstration. The successful test according to the AgBB scheme also shows that the 2K floor seals are characterized by very low emissions.

The processing of the new floor seal is easy thanks to their good flow properties and their high adhesive power. On old epoxy or PU floor coatings, basic cleaning, sanding and the intermediate and final coating with the colored seal can be done in just one day. The floor can then optionally be sealed with the transparent material belonging to the system the next day by applying an additional wear layer or, if the use of decorative chips is desired. In the case of mineral substrates, the floor is first pretreated on the first day with a water-dilutable, two-component primer resin. On the second day, the intermediate and final coating with the floor sealing in the desired color follows.

Diverse areas of application for 2K floor sealing

Even in the standard construction, the sealed surfaces correspond to the slip resistance class R9. In order to achieve class 10 or 11, micro-hollow glass spheres belonging to the system can be added to the seal.

The new floor sealers are suitable for many substrates, both outdoors and indoors. Mineral substrates such as concrete, cement

and calcium sulfate screed can be reworked with it: the system can also serve as a top seal for industrial EP and PU coatings. Even on designer floor coverings, the transparent 2-component coatings can be used to create durable, resistant seals. And if the customer is tired of the design flooring decor, it can simply be revised to cover it and be adapted to the new interior concept.

Since the floor coatings are drivable and resistant to plasticisers, their use extends beyond private living areas, retail, catering and commercial operations: They are also used in garages, on parking spaces for rubber-tired vehicles or in workshops.

An application

video can be found here: bit.ly/2vCmQrp


The Floortec 2K-Purolid floor sealing system from Brillux consists of the following components:

  • Floortec 2K-Purolid T 876 (transparent, silk-matt seal)
  • Floortec 2K-Purolid T 877 (transparent, silky glossy seal)
  • Floortec 2K-Purolid T 878 (colored, satin finish)
  • Floortec PU hardener 879
  • Floortec Dekochips 843 for sprinkling
  • Floortec Safe-Step 841 (micro hollow glass balls for mixing)


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