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Bonfiglioli Plans Climate-neutral Corporate Headquarters

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Bonfiglioli Plans Climate-neutral Corporate Headquarters
Bonfiglioli Plans Climate-neutral Corporate Headquarters

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Video: Copenhagen: Creating the World's First Carbon Neutral Capital 2023, February

Bonfiglioli, manufacturer of gearboxes, geared motors and drive electronics, plans under the keyword Evo project to build the new headquarters in Bologna, which will also be the largest location of the Bonfiglioli group. The new headquarters will be the next step for the Italian drive specialist. It will be built in the north of Bologna on the "Clementino Bonfiglioli site", which has a total area of ​​148,700 m². At the same time, a new production plant with an area of ​​58,500 m² will be built by 2018. 600 employees, who are currently spread across three locations, will then produce around 800,000 units a year.

Production lines designed according to Industry 4.0 standards

The Evo project is part of Bonfiglioli's recent strategic initiatives to improve the company's market position. In 2015 Bonfiglioli achieved sales of around 730 million euros, and the company is aiming for 780 million euros for the current year. The takeover of O&K Antriebstechnik in Hattingen at the end of last year and the expansion of the production facility in Forlì in northern Italy should contribute to the expansion of Bonfiglioli in a variety of application areas.

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Bonfiglioli will invest a total of around 60 million euros in the project. Half of these go to expanding the building infrastructure and modern production lines in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards. Furthermore, Evo was designed according to the latest energy efficiency standards. With various “green measures” such as a photovoltaic system with a peak output of 3 megawatts on the roof areas, the new group headquarters including the manufacturing plant will be climate neutral. (kj)

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