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Safety In The Complete System

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Safety In The Complete System
Safety In The Complete System

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Video: Complete Forestry Safety Helmet 2023, February

The deep integration of functional safety in the automation system simplifies engineering, improves the diagnostic options and reduces the number of interfaces and components. This saves time and money and ultimately increases the availability and flexibility of the machine.

Focus on the overall system

From the drive-based safety technology to the focus on the entire automation system: This new simplicity is reflected, among other things, in a noticeably lower wiring effort. This is the result of the direct networking of the Lenze controllers - and this with prepared software solutions from the Lenze Application Toolbox Fast. In practice, for example, a Fast module can control the reduction of a traversing speed, while Safety monitors the maximum safe speed within the system. Optimal cooperation of the "yellow" and "gray" control technology is given by the integration into the products and engineering tools.

To date, the specialist for motion centric automation has focused on drive-related safety functions. Safety is now fully integrated in the system: The expansion of the Lenze portfolio provides machine and system builders with many advantages in addition to wiring and hardware costs. Projects can be implemented faster because there are no longer any differences between drive technology and safety in the software tools. This is particularly important when realizing projects in which machine operators have to intervene in the danger area of ​​a machine. And that is why interface problems such as time-consuming training periods in the tools of different manufacturers are a thing of the past.

"Supply voltage too low" instead of the simple message "Error": Consistency also makes it possible to display diagnostic messages in more detail via EtherCAT. Because more information is available, valuable time can be saved during commissioning or service. (Jv)

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