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Exchange Cables Quickly And Easily

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Exchange Cables Quickly And Easily
Exchange Cables Quickly And Easily

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To optimally protect electrical and electronic components from dirt and moisture, housings should always be combined with suitable cable glands. These ensure that cables that lead into the interior of the housing are securely sealed and remain firmly in place.

The Lapp Skintop Click cable glands are to be distinguished by their practical locking function. This makes them easy to click in and fasten with just one tool. That saves time. The plastic screw connections have degree of protection IP68 and are available in sizes M12 to M32. Variants with reduced sealing insert are also available.


Automation24 carries single wires

System security

In addition, Automation24 also offers cable entry systems from Lapp, which should enable quick cable replacement without complete disassembly. With the Skintop Cube system, pre-assembled cables can be easily inserted using sealing inserts of various designs. The sealing insert Skintop Cube Multi should allow multiple installation of unassembled cables. Both versions are also suitable for AS-i flat cables. The Skintop Multi-System is a space-saving and ready-to-use variant for non-assembled cables, in which no additional frame is necessary. (sh)

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