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Integrate IO-Link Devices Quickly And Easily

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Integrate IO-Link Devices Quickly And Easily
Integrate IO-Link Devices Quickly And Easily

Video: Integrate IO-Link Devices Quickly And Easily

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Video: Enhanced Webserver for IO-Link Device Integration 2023, February

This simple integration is made possible by "IODD on Board", an innovative technology from Murrelektronik. For this purpose, the parameterization data for sensors and actuators stored in the IODD (IO Device Description) are directly embedded in the GSDML files of the Murrelektronik fieldbus modules MVK Metall and Impact67. Are these devices, e.g. B. IO-Link sensors or IO-Link valve terminals, this stored data is accessed directly - without manual parameterization and without special tools, simply with the control software already in use.

The best storage space for parameterization data

Since every new IO-Link device had to be individually integrated into the software of the IO-Link master, this new method makes work considerably easier and thus impressively demonstrates that the controller is the best storage space for parameter data. This advantage can be multiplied in series machines: With copy & paste, once created configurations are duplicated as required on other system and machine controls.

It is particularly interesting that the parameterization of the devices can be done in the office on the computer and no longer has to be carried out when the machine is started up in the workshop. The parameterization data of the sensors and actuators is displayed in plain text (and not as a HEX value) - this makes it easy to keep an overview. It also facilitates the validation of machines and systems.

Freely configurable modules save time

The freely configurable modules also save time in special machine construction. The auto-configuration mode enables commissioning in a short time because the parameterization of the digital inputs and outputs is omitted and the channels are controlled as specified by the control system.

In practice: The IODD of the new Murrelektronik power supply Emparro67 Hybrid allows the current values ​​of the micro-channels to be parameterized and a large number of diagnostic data to be exchanged with the control - IO-Link masters and devices from Murrelektronik are “easy to use”. (jv)

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