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Robust Magnetic Encoder With Profinet

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Robust Magnetic Encoder With Profinet
Robust Magnetic Encoder With Profinet

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Video: Kübler Group: How to integrate a ProfiNet encoder in Siemens Tia Portal 2023, February

The actual encoder value is updated for the bus output in less than 1 ms. Broken gear parameters (numerator / denominator) enable almost any mapping of gear factors, even for the exact detection of closed rotary axes. The absolute encoders from TR meet the standards of the respective user organizations for parameterization. Users can easily find their way around the standard parameters. In addition, the free configuration offers easy access to all functions that are available in addition to the standard.

Compliant with current standards

The time base of the speed evaluation can be freely set in the range from one millisecond to one second and can also be scaled in any units. The new generation of industry standard encoders C_582 is consistently equipped with the most modern chip families. The Profinet variant therefore uses the latest technology with long-term availability and is absolutely compliant with the latest standards of the PI user organization. Clock-accurate synchronization (IRT) enables precisely synchronized positioning of several axes.

In the future, preset values ​​will also be transferred to Profinet via the real-time process image area. This means that absolute adjustments (also known as "presets" or "offset adjustments") can be carried out synchronously with the control cycle even during system operation. Axis standstill no longer required.

Quick starter

With 50 ms the new CM_582 Profinet starts faster than any other bus encoder. Once configured, a stable, valid absolute position value is available in the Profinet controller in a few moments after voltage recovery. The start-up of the plant is thereby massively accelerated, and modular machine concepts (with modules that are decoupled in particular) benefit directly from this technology.

The Profinet interface of the CM_582 supports the Media Redundancy Protocol MRP. Profinet normally only supports one line / tree structure. The standard does not primarily provide a redundant connection. MRP significantly increases availability with a simple trick: with an additional line from the last node to the next switch, branches are connected to form a ring. The appropriately configured participants recognize this. One of the participants now disconnects this ring by "ignoring" the second connection. If a connection fails now (due to a cable break or failure of a participant), the participants recognize this and try to find another way to the rest of the system. The previously opened connection is now closed and all participants are connected to the network again.The user can choose between Fast Startup and Media Redundancy Protocol when parameterizing.


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