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Deutsche Messe Plans Robotation Academy In China

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Deutsche Messe Plans Robotation Academy In China
Deutsche Messe Plans Robotation Academy In China

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A project from Hanover is moving around the world: In November 2017, a Robotation Academy is to open in Foshan, China - developed and built by experts from Hanover. The managing directors of the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy, Thomas Rilke and Olaf Katzer, signed the contract with representatives of the city of Foshan on December 7, 2016. In the Robotation Academy, around 1000 industrial representatives in robotics and automation as well as in Industry 4.0 are to be trained each year.

South China city is the central location of robotics

The Robotation Academy on the exhibition grounds in Hanover has been implementing this concept for seven years. "It is great that we are now building up an international network of technology academies," says Managing Director Rilke. “The need for competence centers exists worldwide. In Foshan we are in the middle of an important center of Chinese industry."


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Foshan is located in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong and has around eight million inhabitants. The city is considered a central location for mechanical and plant engineering as well as for robotics and is home to Midea. The group recently acquired a majority stake in the robot manufacturer Kuka AG. Midea is said to be one of currently 18 technology partners who want their employees to be trained in the Academy.

The Academy is a joint initiative of Deutsche Messe AG with Volkswagen AG and a 100 percent subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG. The Robotation Academy in Hanover now reaches around 3000 participants from around the world on around 200 event days. Further academies of the Deutsche Messe Technology Academy, which are currently under construction, deal with the topics of smart cities, virtual / augmented reality and 3D printing. (kj)


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