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2-head Scanning For Absolute Measuring Systems

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2-head Scanning For Absolute Measuring Systems
2-head Scanning For Absolute Measuring Systems

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Video: Unravelling Dynamic Processes with the New JPK NanoWizard ULTRA Speed 2 High Speed BioAFM 2023, February

Most influences on the positioning accuracy are systematic or repeatable errors such as eccentricity from the measuring flange to the axis of rotation, pitch errors of the measuring standard or concentricity errors of the bearings. Non-repeatable errors, such as bearing play or load-dependent deformation, can be neglected in most applications, but are nevertheless compensated for. The new angle measuring system from AMO consists of a WMF measuring flange or WMR measuring ring, two WMK scanning heads and the MHS-21x box with the evaluation electronics.

Changing eccentricities are eliminated

While the axis is in operation, the position information of both scanning heads is continuously acquired and the corrected position information is calculated. The data of the subsequent control are made available via the output of the MHS-21x evaluation electronics. As a result, the eccentricity error can be eliminated and the systematic errors reduced by a factor of 2.

Another great advantage of the MHS-21x: changing eccentricities, which can occur during machining and during load changes, are also eliminated. (jv)

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