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Socomec Shows Multifunctional Network Analyzer, Electricity Meter And Battery Systems

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Socomec Shows Multifunctional Network Analyzer, Electricity Meter And Battery Systems
Socomec Shows Multifunctional Network Analyzer, Electricity Meter And Battery Systems

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Socomec presents the multifunctional Diris Q800 network analyzer for the first time at the Hanover Fair. The PQM analyzer creates EN 50160 conformity reports, is certified according to the product standard IEC 62586-2 of class A and thus fulfills all requirements for an absolute high-performance measuring device.

In addition to providing the measured energy values, Diris Q800 should analyze quality parameters of the power supply and monitor the current quality of the electrical network for deviations from the standard value. The data is kept on the internal memory for twelve months. An integrated battery should ensure the operation of the device even in the event of a power failure. As an interface for any type of surveillance system, Diris Q800 is equipped with numerous digital and analog inputs and outputs and communication ports such as WiFi, Ethernet, RS485, USB and GPS and uses various protocols such as SNTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and PQDIF.

Electricity meter series Countis E

Electricity meters in the feeds, main distributions, sub-distributions and at the level of individual electricity consumers, for example in residential or service buildings, are the prerequisite for transparency in energy consumption and the further calculation of the energy used. The electricity meters of the Countis E series should meet the EN 50470 guideline, be MID-certified and be characterized by very high measurement accuracy. They are compatible with any type of integration, network and load; Depending on the current sensor, direct measured values ​​up to 6000 A can be recorded. Security devices such as reset security and monodirectional counting prevent any misuse.

In conjunction with the Countis ECi pulse concentrators, the meters enable the consumption data of various energy sources such as electricity, water, gas and compressed air to be combined. They are equipped with a pulse output, an RS485 communication output for Modbus or M-Bus or an Ethernet communication output, so that the electricity meters can be configured remotely and the consumption values ​​can be read out remotely.

Itys Pro - small UPS system for infrastructure and technology

With Itys Pro, Socomec presents a new UPS series for power supply in the range from 10 kVA to 20 kVA. There is a choice of one model with expandable batteries in the cabinet or frame and two models with integrated batteries. The compact systems should be suitable for the cost-effective and user-friendly protection of sensitive IT and non-IT applications such as server rooms in small and medium-sized companies, medical-technical systems and light applications in industry and building technology. The double converter technology (VFI) should ensure maximum availability and reliability even in demanding electrical environments with anomalies in the input voltage, overload, overtemperature and the like.The systems are equipped with an Ethernet port and a serial RS232 interface as well as two slots for communication options. All models in the range can be monitored remotely using an optional network adapter.

Lithium-ion energy storage instead of batteries

Instead of conventional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion energy storage can also be used to protect critical applications using UPS systems. Socomec is presenting two new developments at the Hanover Fair, the battery solution LI-Ion Battery UPS and the capacitor LI-Ion Capacitor UPS. Both storage solutions should have a significantly higher power density and a smaller footprint compared to lead batteries. According to the manufacturer, they can be reloaded faster and can be used considerably longer with low maintenance. In addition, their temperature resistance reduces the cost of air conditioning. LI-Ion Battery UPS are suitable for use in IT infrastructures and data centers as well as for applications that require a backup time of up to 15 minutes.The capacitors are used for IT and industrial applications that are sensitive to frequent micro interruptions and require autonomy times of a few seconds to several minutes. According to Socomec, both solutions are ROHS-compliant, fully recyclable and free of hazardous substances. (sh)

Hannover Messe 2017: Hall 12, Stand B49

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