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Special Clevises Ensure Perfect Power Transmission

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Special Clevises Ensure Perfect Power Transmission
Special Clevises Ensure Perfect Power Transmission

Video: Special Clevises Ensure Perfect Power Transmission

Video: Special Clevises Ensure Perfect Power Transmission
Video: LEGO Mechanical Principles - Gears Power Transmission 2023, December

As a link between two moving components, clevises serve as safe and reliable power transmission elements. The extensive standard range according to ISO 8140 / DIN 71752 already covers a large part of the applications. If this is not enough, the individual components need to be optimally coordinated with one another in order to increase efficiency and service life. Particular attention is paid to the connecting elements, because the complete mechanical power transmission depends on these power dwarfs. Thanks to clever design, application-related solutions can be developed that are even more powerful and should guarantee permanent functionality

The clevis specialist MBO Oßwald is equipped for such tasks. In addition to the in-house fork head production, the company can draw on almost 50 years of development know-how and an extensive service package. The distances are short, the processes optimized and coordinated.

Inexpensive manufacturing

Specially developed, very powerful manufacturing concepts for the standard range should also allow special parts to be manufactured cost-effectively, reliably and in the best quality. According to the manufacturer, the component particularly benefits from the sophisticated process structure, regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large series. The fully automatic machines should enable cost-effective production and thus a low final price.

Individual configuration:

  • Square 8 mm to square 96 mm
  • Round material Ø 4 mm to 65 mm, larger Ø on request
  • Steel and stainless steel
  • Assembly, packaging, labeling
  • development

In addition to the production of special parts, the MBO Oßwald product range includes a wide standard range of fork heads, fork joints, angle joints, rod ends, bolts, shaft locks and machine elements.