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How Safe Technical Systems Are Developed

Table of contents:

How Safe Technical Systems Are Developed
How Safe Technical Systems Are Developed

Video: How Safe Technical Systems Are Developed

Video: How Safe Technical Systems Are Developed
Video: How They Build Tunnels To Be Disaster Proof | Built From Disaster | Spark 2023, June

People and technology continue to merge, both professionally and in everyday life. The interaction between man and machine is not always easy - and the human factor puts the reliability of a system to the test. In the new practical volume “Risk Factor Human?” The VDI - Association of German Engineers - deals with the relationships between people and technology for reliable overall systems.

Systems have to take human characteristics into account

Systems with complex interactions have to be robust. Humans and human reliability play a crucial role here - often interpreted as a risk factor that can cause a supposedly safe technical system to fall due to incorrect behavior.

The new VDI plant sees a completely different starting point: Technical systems can only be safe if they can take into account the typical properties of humans. That is why the book wants to help in designing systems with regard to human properties so that they can be operated safely and reliably.

The book is aimed primarily at product developers, safety officers, health and safety officers and process planners.

An extract from the content:

  • Part 1: Phenomenology and understanding of the system when considering human reliability
  • Part 2: Analysis, evaluation and design of systems with regard to human characteristics
  • Part 3: Use of events in business organization and management
  • Part 4: Specific approaches to design human reliability
  • Part 5: Development trends - integration, planning and assistance for human reliability

Using practical examples from different industries, the publication also explains how human reliability can be improved within human-machine interaction. The book focuses on the following sectors:

  • Autonomous driving
  • aviation
  • Railway operations
  • Process industry
  • Assembly and manufacturing

Machine safety user meeting

Machine safety is an important issue: the correct standards must be taken into account and the requirements of the Machinery Directive must be complied with. The machine safety user meeting supports developers and designers to ensure the functional safety of machines and systems.

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The content of the book goes back to the work of the VDI specialist committee "Human Reliability", which identified and analyzed findings on human work errors in a wide variety of application areas and developed design information for users in a series of guidelines (VDI 4006). The publisher is Prof. Oliver Sträter, Chairman of the Technical Committee in the VDI Society for Product and Process Design.

The practical volume “Risk Factor Man?” Has been published by Beuth Verlag and is also available as an e-book for a price starting at EUR 89.00.

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Functional safety in all facets

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