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Simply Install The Cable

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Simply Install The Cable
Simply Install The Cable

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Video: LED wire system – flexible positioning and easy installation 2023, February

The introduction of cables with different diameters into the control cabinet and their safe installation are often time-consuming. In addition to the optimal strain relief, which protects a cable connection to a connection point against mechanical stress, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) -compliant installations are also required. For example, shielded cables must have contact to the housing and the mounting plate close to the entry point so that interference currents from fast switching operations of the devices (e.g. frequency converters) can flow back to the source in the system with low impedance via the equipotential bonding of the cable shields.

switch cabinet

Control and switchgear construction 4.0 at your fingertips: Rittal opens Innovation Center

For this purpose, Rittal offers a cable clamp rail for EMC shield clamps and strain relief, with which these requirements should be easy and quick to implement: starting with the embedded C-profile structure, which enables flexible positioning of the cable clamps and thus also allows high packing densities grid-free and simple attachment of the EMC shielding bracket, up to simple cable fixing to hammer heads using cable ties. The mounting brackets included in the scope of delivery should ensure flexible positioning and conductive connection on the cabinet profile or on the mounting plate. (sh)

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