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Complex Automation Solutions In A Networked Interplay

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Complex Automation Solutions In A Networked Interplay
Complex Automation Solutions In A Networked Interplay

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Video: Introduction to Cynefin and Agile Systems Dynamics with Scott Pochron and Pierre Neis 2023, February

At Endress + Hauser, Industry 4.0 is not only transparent, but also tangible. Realizable solutions show how information can be collected and used along the value-added networks and production processes. The consultants at the booth explain the advantages of networking all relevant business, production and automation processes. This makes it clear how useful it is to have all the necessary information available about the entire life cycle of devices and systems.

Be on the pulse of the measurements

There is a great desire for quick and easy checking of measuring points, ideally with high quality and without plant downtime. This is exactly what Heartbeat Technology from Endress + Hauser does for all devices of the two-wire device concept. Processes, auxiliary circuits and protective devices - and thus also measuring devices - must be checked regularly. Heartbeat Technology offers unique opportunities for simple, documented retests of flow and level measuring devices in protective devices.

Highly compact device design, maximum information: Endress + Hauser is the first manufacturer worldwide to offer flowmeters with Profinet technology. The new devices combine the hygienic design of flowmeters with the advantages of Profinet: simplified engineering, quick and safe commissioning, optimized production processes and user-friendly maintenance. (jv)

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